Ep #23 (part 1): Understanding Private Water and Sewer Systems and Mitigating Risks When Buying Parks with These Systems

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Welcome to the Mobile Home Park Academy podcast. In this episode, Charles and I will be interviewing private water and sewer expert, Phillip Merrill. We discuss anything and everything related to the private water and private waste treatment systems that can be found within mobile home parks. These private systems can include: Wells, Septic, Package Plants, and Lagoon Systems.

Phillip is the owner and head of operations of Merrill Water Systems and was born into the well drilling and the water business. And so basically, from the time he was crawling around in diapers, he was essentially an apprentice. He learned this skill set from his father and worked his adolescent years for Merrill Drilling and later branched off into water system management after his father’s retirement. Merrill Water Systems is dedicated in providing services to drinking water and waste water systems to assist them with compliance, operations, billing and maintenance of their utilities in order to help its residents have the safest drinking water and wastewater treatment possible.

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