Ep #38: Managing the Emotional Side of MHP Acquisitions, Creating Continual Deal Flow, and New Tools to Help You Automate Your Business

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So, today we’re going to talk about a topic that pertains to the acquisitions side of the business and it’s one that haunts every investor from time to time, no matter new or seasoned investor. And what I’m talking about, my friends, is managing the emotional side of your mobile home park acquisitions process. In case you’re brand new and have no clue that this means, let me explain.

You see, if you are an active real estate investor that is constantly out pounding the pavement for new deals then you’ve probably both lost and won your fair share of deals. Those that are seasoned investors know that it’s a normal occurrence for deals to fall in and fall out of contract or out of your leads pipeline and they are familiar with the emotional toll associated with this never ending roller coaster effect. And Charles and I see that this is one of the biggest roadblocks that new Mobile Home park Investors face when getting into this business. So in todays show we’re going to share with you a variety of tactics that we use in our own business to combat this.

In addition, we will share details on a new tool that we’ve been using in our business that has been an absolute game changer with regards to communication with our team members and on-site managers. Check out www.Glip.com for more details.

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