Ep #102: The Resident Owned Community Exit — with Paul Bradley

In this episode of The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Paul Bradley, founder of ROC USA.

Paul started ROC USA to solve a big problem for homeowners living in mobile home communities. Traditionally, individual homeowners wouldn’t be able to secure financing to purchase and collectively own the communities they live in.

With the help of Paul’s nonprofit however, ROC USA helps residents form a co-op structure, secure funding from vetted sources, and provide leadership training and support to help co-op leaders effectively run their communities.

Enjoy this episode as Paul discusses the resilience of Resident-Owned Communities, and how ROC USA can provide a structure that allows an exit strategy for the private community owner.


[1:53] Paul’s Background
[8:59] What was Paul’s first Co-Op Deal like?
[12:37] When is it in the best interest of a Co-Op to revert back to private ownership of their community?
[16:00] Who is the seller to a Co-Op?
[28:03] Closing Thoughts.