Ep #52: How To Overcome Due Diligence Challenges Plus Critical Feedback From Our Alabama Park Where We’re Using the 21st Mortgage Program to Convert Park Owned Rentals Into Resident Owned Units.

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On today’s show we are going to cover a recent trip to a park we’re in contract on in the Buffalo MSA. Like most parks, this deal also has it’s fair share of challenges that we’re working through and so we thought it might be helpful if we share our experiences and how we’re working to overcome these challenges.

Also, as an added bonus, we’ll be sharing critical feedback from our first-hand experience of selling used park owned homes using the 21st mortgage finance program. This program has proven much more difficult to we originally expected which has created unexpected challenges in converting our park owned home inventory into tenant owned units. This is a must listen if you’re considering purchasing a park with a large number of park owned units.

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