Ep #72: A Love Hate Relationship with Park Owned Rental Trailers – with Rich Ferradino

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In today’s show we’ll be sharing the stage with real estate investor and mobile home park owner/operator, Rich Ferradino. Rich has been active in the mobile home park business for just a little more than a year but he’s been making waves during his short stint.

Here’s the part that’s so interesting about Rich and his involvement in the park business – he loves park owned rental trailers. Now, if you’ve been following any of our teachings for any reasonable period of time then you probably already know that we highly dislike rental units and do everything in our power to sell them off asap.

Well, there are many others who disagree with my business model and prefer the rental method and so today we’re going to dig deep and find out the good, the bad, and the ugly directly from someone who lives and breathes park owned homes on a daily basis.

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