Ep #95: Building a Life of Financial Freedom Through MHP Investing – with Mike Johnson

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In this episode of the Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Mike Johnson, Owner of the blog Perpatualsaturday.com, and owner of 3 Mobile Home Parks.

Mike is passionate about helping others retire in 12 months, no matter where they are financially. Impossible? Think again: Mike landed on the asset class of Mobile Home Parks to fund his retirement.

He is now the owner of 3 Mobile Home Parks, which are made 95% passive by hiring the right managers to run them.






[7:22] What is Mike’s background?
[12:50] What did Mike’s first deal look like?
[17:33] Mike shares his story of fixing his first park’s septic issues
[23:03] What did Mike’s 2nd & 3rd MHP deals look like?
[26:20] Mike’s advice on owning rural parks
[28:41] Mike’s biggest mistakes in the MHP business.
[31:20] How to find the right managers to oversee your parks.
[34:12] The importance of Work-Life Balance, and how Mike is able to achieve it

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