Ep #97: The Top Ten MHP Seller Objections

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When purchasing a new mobile home park, You will inevitably face many objections from sellers before reaching a close.

In this episode of the Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast, Kevin and Charles discuss the Top 10 Objections they’ve faced in their years of experience acquiring parks, along with how to handle each one.





[2:09] #1: Capital Gains Taxes
[8:39] #2: Income Loss
[14:49] #3: Property Burden
[18:12] #4: Tainting Reputation
[21:17] #5: Unfinished Business
[26:35] #6: Losing Purpose
[31:25] #7: Skewed Reality
[42:29] #8: Employed Family Members
[45:55] #9: Seller wants you to Pay for Upside
[55:43] #10: Price is too low

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