Ep #99: How ’08 Led to One’s Discovery of MHP Investing — With Andrew Lanoie

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  • In this episode of the Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Andrew Lanoie; Founder and Principal of Park Place Communities and Four Peaks Partners based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    Andrew’s background is markedly different from most investors, originally holding a career in artist management in the entertainment industry of SoCal.

    After the 2008 financial meltdown and seeing his parents lose significant wealth however, Andrew began to seek answers to why this happened to better shield himself from future events.

    Andrew now manages a portfolio of manufactured home communities across the country, and is passionate about fostering a team around Park Place Communities and Four Peaks.


    [7:18] At what point did Andrew get interested specifically in Manufactured Home Communities?
    [9:59] What have been the biggest changes Andrew has observed in the MHP market?
    [17:05] What was Andrew’s first MHP deal like?
    [21:52] What is Andrew’s thoughts on Park Owned Homes?
    [32:14] What’s Andrew’s long-term strategy?
    [35:31] Andrew’s final closing thoughts.