Ep #88: How to Create a Steady Stream of MHP Deals From Brokers…Even If You’re Brand New or Have No Track Record – Part 1 of Our Special 3-Part Series

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Welcome to Episode #1 of our special 3-part series where we’ll be providing you the TOP three strategies to start driving high-quality MHP leads into your pipeline.  These three shows will cover the art of mastering these critical methods:

  1. Leveraging Broker relationships to bring a steady stream of off-market leads.
  2. Market selection and analysis to determine the best markets to invest in MHP’s.
  3. Building your MHP Database. This one method alone will separate you from the majority of your competition.

These three shows will share the exact same processes we use in our very own business today, which have allowed us to grow a highly successful MHP Investment Firm in a few short years. More importantly, these three methods allow us to source high-quality off market deals at great prices, even when many others are overpaying due to tight market competition.

Master these three skills and you’ll find yourself in the TOP 1% of all MHP investors.

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