Ep #87: Supply and Demand Economics of MHP, Vetting a Sponsor, Long Distance Investing, Off-Market Deal Flow and Much More – with Kirk Bausch

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In today’s show, we’re going to be speaking with Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur, Kirk Bausch

Kirk has had a robust professional career spanning all facets of Sales, marketing, operations and financial planning and analysis. His core competencies are in building brands, generating revenue, streamlining automations and forecast planning through data analysis.

Kirk has been actively investing in real estate for 12+ years across the US, primarily in a buy & hold manner and predominately residential single-family properties. Currently, Kirk holds rental properties in 7 different states and is a limited partner in our Sunrise Capital Investors Mobile Home Park fund.

Kirk has researched just about every asset class known to man and after years of debating, he landed on Mobile Home Parks as his asset of choice and hasn’t looked back since.

And so, in today’s show, we’re going to dig deep into Kirks background and uncover answers to the following:

  • Why mobile home parks over multifamily or residential?
  • How Kirks business background has brought value to his real estate endeavors
  • How he’s finding off-market park opportunities even in this very challenging part of the market cycle
  • The decision to invest as a limited partner in our mobile home park fund and how he went about vetting us as a sponsor.
  • Why he feels that Mobile Home Parks offer the best opportunity when compared to the other various RE asset classes
  • Leveraging the value of partnerships and how this has helped his business immensely.
  • Long distance investing and how he manages it.
  • And much more

Recommended Resources:

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